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Fully Automating Your Booking Process

17hats online scheduling reminder emails

Think about all the meetings you have with your clients as a small business owner. Consultations. Prep meetings. Day-of-service meetings. Sales sessions. Delivery dates. And that’s only to name a few! 

With each new lead, your week turns into an obstacle course. You navigate your life (and to-do list) around meeting after meeting.

The small business owner averages six meetings a week. And whether those are phone calls, Zoom calls, or in-person sessions, each meeting has a handful of to-dos necessary to make the meeting a success. These time-sucking tasks – the back-and-forth emails to book the meeting, confirmation emails, reminder emails, and meeting prep – are all minutes in the day that you have to account for. 

When you manually schedule meetings (meaning you send all those emails yourself), you take on unnecessary stress and, even worse, … you run the risk of forgetting a step altogether. 

Automating your way to success

Automating your scheduling process is key in today’s world. Your clients love the instant gratification of quickly booking a session and receiving the details immediately. And you don’t have to waste a minute of your day in the process!

When you automate booking with 17hats Online Scheduling, your stress level plummets and your to-do list shortens. All because you took the time to set up a system built to deliver success.

Personalized yet automated

After booking, your contact – whether that’s a lead, client, vendor, or marketing partner – automatically receives an email confirmation.

While this email is sent automatically from an email template that you create, you can still personalize it by using tokens. Tokens will automatically populate the contact’s name, date of booking, time of booking, and booking location. 

Also, if your contact is booking a Zoom meeting, our Zoom integration automatically creates a unique Zoom meeting URL that’s included in the confirmation email. 

Our newest feature: Automated Online Scheduling Reminders

Our clients and business contacts are busy people. Practically everyone is these days. While everyone has the best of intentions, things can fall through the cracks. Meetings can be forgotten.

By sending a reminder email before the booking date, you will help your clients and contacts to remember their booking. Not only will it help you lower your no-show rate, it will show the people you do business with that you are on top of it and professional.

With our newest feature release, you can now have 17hats automatically send a reminder email one day before the booking and even one hour before the booking. (17hats members: You can learn the nuts and bolts about creating these automated reminders in this help article.) 

These email templates can be customized with tokens. This lets you create friendly, personalized reminders to help your contacts remember their scheduled bookings. 

Your fully automating system

With the right platform, there’s no need for the manual mess and stress of booking.

By fully automating your booking process, you save hours a week. You also gain peace of mind, knowing that these important communications are completed for you each and every time.