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Online Scheduling + Zoom Integration: Transforming Frustration to Joy

Online Scheduling with a Zoom Integration

In our ever-changing virtual world, small business owners need an online scheduling system that’s easy, consistent, and reliable. That’s especially true given that many of us are juggling life, kids, and work these days. 

Scheduling consults, phone calls, Zoom meetings, and IPS (in person sales) sessions needs to happen automatically, without the back-and-forth of emails or text messages. Those valuable minutes you save – and the headaches you avoid – through an automated online booking tool are turned into productive time in other areas of life. 

A small business owner’s time is precious, which is why 17hats Online Scheduling is a huge win for helping you eliminate tasks from your list. By quickly adding your services and creating your availability schedule, you can have your leads and clients booking with you online within minutes. Score!

Integrate To Save Time

Now we have reset the bar with our newest integration: Zoom. By connecting your Zoom account with your 17hats brand, a unique Zoom meeting URL will be created with each booking made in 17hats. This integration alone will save you so much time.

Let’s think about it. Currently, you schedule the appointment, create the Zoom meeting, email your contact with the Zoom meeting information, and finally send a reminder. Oh, and then hop into Zoom to start the meeting. Those are the steps for every single contact! Those minutes add up.

With 17hats Online Scheduling Zoom integration, you’ll set up your system once and you’re done. All you will need to do is join the meeting which you can access directly from your 17hats account.

Our Online Scheduling, email templates, and workflows will transform the constant chaos of business into a seamless, consistent experience for you and your contact. So many steps will be eliminated, saving you time in your day and turning frowns of frustration into smiles of joy. Who knew business could be this easy?

Ready To Transform Your Business with 17hats?

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