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Make The Most Of Clients’ Holiday Shopping

Small Business Saturday and beyond

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and holiday gifting are fast approaching. All are viable money making opportunities for your small business. But what to offer? And who has the time?!

Let’s take a few minutes and see if I can help with some inspiration, so you can get your revenue-growing groove on. Here are four helpful tips to finish your year strong. 

  1. Don’t offer the “same old same old.” What can you offer that’s spectacular? (OK, maybe not spectacular, but something that your clients can only get with this deal.) People LOVE exclusivity. So what can you offer that feels exclusive?
  1. Partner up! If you have some like-minded partners with the same target audience, partner with them to create an extra-special something that can only be purchased for a limited period of time. Then, make a pact that you will both send out a handful of emails and create a certain number of social media posts, so that you share the marketing responsibilities. Partnering to create a unique offering will allow you to stand out from the crowd – and also turn a larger profit.

  2. Go for the emotional buy. Don’t leave your clients calculating deals or trying to figure out whether yours or a competitor’s offer represents a better deal. Dazzle them with the higher level benefit of your unique offering, beyond just the price. (Don’t forget the intangible, emotional benefits of your holiday deal.)

  3. Sell gift cards. This is the easiest of them all. Selling gift cards can boost your year-end revenue and give you much needed cash flow. Pro tip: Up your game by only allowing a certain amount to be sold. By applying a bit of pressure, people are more likely to buy.

    Another tip? Offer a range of amounts, but make the deal sweeter for the amount you really want to sell. For example, consider these three gift card prices:
  • $50 gift card for $50
  • $100 gift card for $100
  • $50 free with a $250 gift card – that’s a $300 gift card for just $250!

By adding the $50 bonus to the third option, people will justify spending more money, especially if they can pay for it with a credit card. 

By setting up a Lead Capture Form in 17hats, gift cards can be sold easily and quickly. Interested in learning how? Follow the instructions here.