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Love Your Business Again – Online Scheduling Workshop

Odds are, your small business is in a funk, due to COVID-19.

Your experience has changed, but you haven’t yet put in the process to support it. Zoom has become your new best friend, as coffee shop meetings are now Zoom meetings in which you BYOC. 

This sea change – minus the process to deal with it – means that you are back to square one. Answering each email yourself, without automation to support you. In short? Chaos – and too much time spent doing time-sucking tasks.

For many of us, this new “virtual” reality is here to stay for the next six to 18 months, which means it’s also time to adjust your business systems. We know that making these adjustments can be hard (and sometimes even scary), which is why 17hats would like to guide you along the path of change with our free workshop, where we will dive in and set up Online Scheduling together:

Online Scheduling – Love Your Business Again

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT/12:30 – 6 p.m. ET

Complimentary – open to members and non-members*

*Non-member participants qualify for a free 30-day trial of 17hats

Register here 

As easy as 1-2-3

Three things to know about the workshop:

  1. Come and go as you please. Only need to learn one area? Great. Check out the schedule, and just pop in for that one course.
  2. 30-day Private Facebook Group By registering for the workshop, you will also receive an invitation to our private Facebook Group. There you will find the support needed to help you get set up. 
  3. Learn. Build. Grow. With each action step, you will be able to view my screen and work right alongside me, ensuring that you will have a functioning Online Scheduling feature at the end of it all.

Three reason you should join the workshop:

  1. Learn how to set up Online Scheduling Paymentscha-ching!
  2. Learn all about our new Zoom integration. (A game-changer given how we’re all conducting business these days.)
  3. Making a commitment to the workshop means it will stop falling off your to-do list and you will actually get it done

Three things you will love about the workshop:

  1. Engage and network with other small business owners. 
  2. We will work at a slow enough pace for you to complete each task.
  3. At the end, you will feel confident, with a sense of accomplishment.
Your questions answered

Q: What if I have never used Online Scheduling?

A: That is A-OK. No experience needed. We will start at the beginning.

Q: What if I can’t stay for the whole workshop?

A: No worries. We will have replays available for you in the Private Facebook Group.

Q: What if I am not a 17hats member?

A: With our complimentary Online Scheduling Workshop, you receive a 30-day free trial. 

Q: I am using Acuity for online scheduling and looking to switch to 17hats. Is this a good event for me to join?

A: Absolutely. We will start with the basics of Online Scheduling, and work through the entire setup process.

How Online Scheduling can change your life

Online Scheduling was released in May 2019 and has been a hit feature of 17hats ever since.

To date, more than 40,000 bookings have been made using 17hats Online Scheduling. Those 40K+ bookings span service-driven businesses, including driving schools, life coaches, sleep consultants, tax planners, photographers, videographers, and more. The list can go on forever!

With each booking, 17hats has eliminated chaos for the business owner by streamlining the tedious back-and-forth of scheduling. 

If you don’t use Online Scheduling, let me ask you: How long does it take to book a consultation or service? A 15-minute phone call? A few back-and-forth emails? At the very least, you are looking at 15 to 20 minutes, just to select a date and time. Add that to the time it takes to write and send the confirmation email – and also to send the reminder email. How about the time to create the Zoom link or receive a deposit? What are you looking at now? 40 minutes? 

Next, how many consults/services do you book in a year? Thirty?

Well, 30 consults times 40 minutes equals 1,200 minutes. That’s 20 hours(!) – time that you can be doing other things. Looking at this from a clear-eyed business perspective, this six-hour workshop will gain you 14 hours back in your year – plus relief from the stress of sending emails and reminders. Less stress equals better life. 

A common objection

Some people say: “I just don’t have time to learn a new thing.”

Yes, you do. Let’s not make excuses. It’s not something you might want to do, but think about all the fun things you will get to do because you took the time to streamline your approach to scheduling. 

So come on – let’s get our learning on together! Click here to register.