17hats Features, Time   03/04/20

Save time and sanity with email templates.

Amanda Rae

As a small business owner, you can spend a lot of precious time writing, rewriting, and writing again.

Emails can drain your day and keep you from doing the work of growing your business. Which is why templates are so very important to a growing business and have always been a cornerstone feature in 17hats. With just a few clicks, you can send templates, which are automatically personalized with the use of tokens, for your clients and leads.

Need to change your message before sending? No problem. You can edit your email template on the fly to add extra personalization if you wish.

And now, just released, you can add a spark of fun to the subject line and body of your email templates through the use of emojis.  How fun is that?! A little smile 🙂, silliness 🤪, or sweetness 🌸 can go a long way toward further expressing your brand personality.

17hats member? Go ahead and add your business BFF as a contact and shoot them over an emoji-filled email just to play around. And, while you are at it, share your 17hats love {and referral code} as well! 😉💥


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