17hats Features   02/07/20

Pro Tip: Tipping Is Here!

Amanda Rae

Maybe you’re a hairdresser. Or a massage therapist. Or in one of dozens of other small business categories where it’s customary for clients to include a gratuity.

Well, great news: Our new Tipping feature makes it easy, if you’re using Square or Stripe as your payment processor. You can seamlessly include a “Tip Amount” in your Quotes, Invoices, and Online Payments.

But think twice, especially before suggesting tipping (even as an option) in fields where it’s not the norm. You may feel as though your balloon animal skills are worthy of a gratuity on top of your fee for the birthday party. But if your clients don’t, it could be off-putting even to pose the question – thus tarnishing your otherwise rave-worthy client experience. 

The bottom line: By all means, include Tipping where appropriate. It’s another revenue stream for you, and your clients will appreciate how easy 17hats makes it to show their appreciation!