17hats Features   02/07/20

Our Android app puts 17hats at your fingertips.

Amanda Rae

Finally – a good reason to look at your phone. Our latest Android app means you can access the power of 17hats from any Android device. This puts all your client info, and all the features of 17hats, at your fingertips when you’re on the go. (Aren’t we always on the go these days?!)

Plus, get this: Now you can get push notifications anytime that one of your clients submits a Lead Capture Form, completes a Questionnaire, accepts a Quote, signs a Contract, or pays an Invoice! 

So download the latest 17hats Android app now. Just visit Google Play.

Apple user? You’re not left out. Our newest iOS app was released this past fall, giving you the same great experience, including push notifications. Visit the App Store.