Entrepreneurship   02/05/18

4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage and Your Business Running Smoothly

Amanda Rae

If your spouse doesn’t like something about your business or the way you run it there are going to be some very rough roads ahead. Whether it’s something benign like there just never seems to be enough money, or something more sinister like a product they can’t relate to or one which appears to be inconsistent or incompatible with their lifestyle or personal beliefs, it can be a big problem. It could even crush the whole enterprise if allowed to fester. Here are four things that might help mitigate these potential roadblocks.


  1. Be completely open and honest with your spouse. Yeah, I know, entirely new concept. But vital. Establish an unbreakable bond of trust in your marriage. If your mate doesn’t believe you about how and where you spend capital, you can’t build on that. Good record keeping is a must, both so you can see where it went and of course your better half can see how it’s spent. If they aren’t an integral part of the business, naturally they won’t have a clue how much it costs to run a business.


  1. Fully disclose your income. If you’re having an exceptionally good month, happily share the profits and glory with your spouse. This can ease the uncertainty and pain of unexpected or seemingly unnecessary expenditures. A nice dinner out or romantic weekend together can heal a lot of uncertainty.


  1. When it comes time for an unusually large expenditure or capital investment, go over it with your mate. Include them in with the rationale and benefits of the new outlay. Be ready for objections and if you honestly consider them in your decision, it will buy you trust for the future.


  1. If you are in a field that has no socially redeeming values, you might want to reconsider the business and why you’re there. The fact is, if money is your whole motivating factor, you will probably have a rather dismal married and family life. Your business should uplift humanity and your community. Providing a valuable service or product at a fair price can fulfill all that criteria. This will go a long way to having a happy home life.


If you want to have a blissful business life, make sure you have a blissful marriage. Your dreams and expectations need to align especially in an aspect as important as your business.