Creative   02/05/18

10 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Creativity

Amanda Rae

Sometimes it feels like your creative fountain has dried up. All the coffee in the world won’t make your mind spontaneously create. Instagram is a great source for viewing the world from someone else’s perspective and hopefully getting the mental juices flowing again. 10 of the most creative accounts out there are listed for your perusal.


Prepare to have your mind blown by these aerial shots. Gab is a Los Angeles based photographer who likes to look down on the world.


This architectural planning firm posts pictures of some of the most impressive houses in the world. They say they are “Pursuing the American Dream” and that’s probably true if your dream is a house by a lake.


This account features art from different people every day. It’s perfect if you’re looking for some original pages to follow because they always tag the artist.


If you’re into food and makeup, this is the ultimate Do It Yourself tutorial page. Learn interesting ways to do things you never knew you wanted to do.


Carin Olsson moved to Paris to follow her dreams. If her dreams were about narrow streets, Parisian architecture, and beautiful dresses then she has succeeded.


Jacob Santiago uploads interesting shots of cities from around the world. His pictures seem to capture the essence of every place he visits.


Yuko is a New York based illustrator. His art is cool but also be prepared for some adorable pictures of his puppy.


This company rebuilds and restores old Porsche 911s. They neglect no detail, and the product is pure beauty.


The photographer manages to capture the feeling of the architecture by singling in on a small piece of it. His closeups will expand your view.


This wildman is entirely worth a follow. He somehow manages to present jumping out of airplanes and bouncing a BMX bike off walls in a unique and creative way.

If these accounts don’t jumpstart your creativity, you might just need a nap.