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Feature Spotlight: Using in Tokens in 17hats Email Templates

According to a 2019 survey by Adobe, the average worker spends nearly 3.5 hours on emails every day.

That is crazy.

Email isn’t going anywhere. And how often have you found yourself typing similar emails repeatedly? Client A needs to know the difference between packages, but Client B needs to know the same three days later. So retyping the same email over and over is a waste of time.

Creating email templates for emails you send more than twice is a no-brainer. However, most email templates require you still to customize things like changing the client’s name or service date. Email templates requiring your time and effort aren’t much of a time-saver at all!

Enter 17hats Email Tokens.

Tokens allow you to create email templates that send personalized emails to each of your clients. No more adjusting for a client name or service date – let 17hats do that work for you.

So, what is a Token? A Token is an information placeholder. It tells 17hats what information to insert into an email. For example, when emailing a client named Claire,  “First Name Token” would insert Claire’s name into your email.

Tokens allow you to use the same email template for Claire that you would Nicholas, but both Claire and Nicholas will see their names in the email greeting without any extra customization.

Think of the possibilities! You can create an email to remind clients of their upcoming payments by using a token that automatically inserts the unique payment date and balance due for each client. Nothing for you to look up, nothing to personalize – 17hats is doing the work for you!

Here are three email templates every small business owner should create using 17hats Tokens:

  1. Inquiry Response Tokens – how great would it be to send a personalized email to new leads immediately after they inquire? No more “Hey there” or “Hello!” as a greeting. Instead, you will address your leads by their first names. Then, go a step further by including Tokens for their Project date or service type. New leads want to feel the love when inquiring with you, and Tokens do just that.
  2. Project Reminder Emails – include Tokens like your client’s first name, the date and time of the project, and the project’s location. You won’t have to dig through your files or emails to reference these details because everything is stored in 17hats!
  3. Thanks for your Business Emails – Every client should receive a “thank you” email after you’re done working together. Make sending that email fast and easy by creating a template. Use Tokens like your client’s first name to make sending this email a no-brainer. Even one Token per template can add up to hefty time savings over a few months.

Want more ideas for email templates – check out this blog: 7 email templates every business owner needs.

Creating email templates is one of the most important things a business owner can do to save time. But not all email templates are created equal. 17hats has designed Email Tokens that allow you to craft genuinely hands-off email templates. No typing in a first name, no looking up an invoice balance, no searching your calendar for a service date. You have too much to do to spend your time on tasks like that. That is why you have 17hats – your organization and automation wizard.

Blog Feature Photo by 17hats Member, Ashley Marston