Feature Friday: Setting Buffer Times For Online Scheduling

Using Buffer Times in the Online Scheduling Feature of 17hats

Nothing is worse than having to sprint from one meeting to the next! You don’t have time to prepare before a meeting, no time to reflect after an appointment, and your calendar is chaos.

17hats Online Scheduling allows you to include buffer periods before and after each booking on your calendar. For example, take 10 minutes before a Zoom meeting to grab a glass of water, review your notes, and prepare. Adding a 15-minute buffer after each appointment allows you to document follow-ups, send a recap email, and mentally transition to your next task.

You can limit the start times of your meetings using 17hats Online Scheduling. For example, if you prefer, ensure Zoom calls only begin on the half-hour, or in-person meetings only start at the top of the hour. It is up to you. 17hats gives you control over your calendar and lets you design your days!