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Four Ways To Streamline Your Client Communication

Did you know that, typically, all client frustrations can be narrowed down to a lack of communication? Interesting, right?

“Tour director” is just another hat you wear as a small business owner. Your client experience, no matter how simple or complex, needs to be directed by you.

Communicating each step, while extremely important, is also very time-consuming and exhausting. Which is why you are always (or should be) looking for ways to streamline communications to save you time and better serve your clients.

Today I am going to share with you four ways you can streamline your communication to help save yourself time. 

1. Email Templates

Find yourself rewriting the same email over and over again? If so, create a template. Pull up a doc – or notes on your phone – and type those emails. Go ahead and add placeholders for personalized data such as name and dates. When that’s completed, make sure the template doc is always accessible. Now all you will need to do is copy and paste, change some data, and press send. By using templates you will slash your email time in half. 

Added bonus! When you are ready for a CRM + Automation Platform like 17hats, you will be one step ahead. A simple copy and paste and your templates will be completed. By implementing templates now, you not only reduce your email time but also your setup time as well. Check out our blog, Seven Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs to get a head start.

2. Propose a Time

When setting up meetings, many times we want to be as flexible as possible with leads and clients. This leaves us saying things like “Let me know what time works best for you.” Then the back-and-forth emails start and even possibly the fuss of moving around your calendar to make it work.

Remove the unnecessary steps and propose three times that work best for you right from the beginning. Most of your clients will select one, and the few that don’t will send a time over that works better. Not only will you be viewed as more professional, you will also cut your communication time as well. 

Really want to up your game? Use an Online Scheduling Service like 17hats. Then leads and clients can select what works best for them based on your open schedule. Communications will be optimized with confirmation emails and reminder emails sent automatically. Learn more – check out our blog on Simplify Booking With Online Scheduling.

3. Use a Client Portal

Remove the need to resend lost contracts and invoices with the use of a client portal. Client portals will house open and completed invoices, contracts, quotes, and questionnaires, so clients can skip searching through emails and have a go-to place with all items accessible. 

While I have seen some people create makeshift client portals with Google Folders, your best option is 17hats.

With 17hats, each contact can have a client portal that will hold all their important documents as well as event details. It’s their one-stop secure location for everything they need.

You can even further optimize your communication and create a custom welcome message for each portal. This welcome message can include next steps, important links, and a personalized thank you. Read more about the client portal welcome message.

4. CTA for the Win

In most service professions, you have hobbyists, amatuers, and professionals. And while price and quality are differentiating factors, experience sets professionals apart as well.

When a client hires a professional (you), they hire you for the hand-holding, the advice, and the guidance. But, they do not want to be overwhelmed, which is why each communication (phone call, meeting, or email) should end with ONE clear CTA (call to action). 

Notice how ONE is emphasized. Because two is one too many. 🙂

Being the pro that you are, you’re walking your client through an experience one step at a time. It is important to use your voice and make sure they know you are the tour guide (aka the professional). With proactive communication, you will gain their trust and provide a stellar experience. Keep your experience light and enjoyable with short communications that are friendly yet to the point, and have a clear CTA. 

Streamlined communication can seem like a day’s work, but in reality, it’s an investment in yourself. The only way to make more time in your day is to organize, optimize, and automate.

By doing so for yourself now, you will be able to grow more in the days to come.