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Managing Payments Without The Chaos

Cool pig that's Managing Payments Without Chaos with 17hats

As a small business owner in the service industry, you know the excitement that comes with your first four-figure sale. (Or you will someday!)

But the higher your prices are, the more flexible you might need to be for your clients to actually purchase. And, more flexibility means more headaches for you. Or does it? 

At 17hats, getting you paid – quickly and easily – is a priority. Here are six ways we are working to do just that.

  1. Electronic Invoices – An itemized invoice assures your client of exactly what they’re receiving from your business. And that reassurance is the little extra added trust they need to ensure you will actually deliver.
  2. Payment Processor – By connecting to 17hats Payments powered by Stripe, you can eliminate trips to the bank and make it easier for your clients to pay you. Oh, and a bonus? When paying with a credit card, clients will be willing to pay more, as they might not have the cash on hand for that bigger package or add-on item.
  3. Payment Plans – Make the most of your client’s willingness to pay you more by creating a payment plan! Creating a custom payment plan that fits your client’s needs removes the mental roadblock that a higher payment may represent for your client. You also demonstrate your professionalism.
  4. Auto Payments – With our newly released feature, clients can opt-in to having their credit card charged automatically for each subsequent payment. Give your clients a helping hand: Walk them through the first payment, and encourage them to opt-in.
  5. Upcoming Invoice Reminders – Money is a touchy subject when it’s not communicated properly. Let 17hats do the work for you, with automatic invoice reminders sent directly to your clients. That way, they are fully aware of when an invoice is due. 
  6. Past Due Reminder – If a client forgets to pay, we have you covered. 17hat can automatically send an email when a payment is past due. 

Being flexible to address your client’s needs when they’re paying invoices doesn’t have to be a struggle when you have 17hats automation on your side.

As you can see from the list above, once you create the invoice and payment plan, 17hats can do the rest – to make sure you get paid on time, every time.