Recap: The Business Makeover Challenge – Marketing and the Leads System

April, what a ride! When COVID-19 shut down small businesses around the world, every fiber of my being wanted to jump in and help. I mean, business is hard normally, and now we have this!

My heart went out to all the small business owners who were already struggling to gain momentum. How will they ever survive this?

And what about those who were building momentum? What a gut punch to have it come to a screeching halt!

After a little soul searching, I realized the answer was HOPE. These businesses will survive as long as HOPE stays constant. But where will they find that hope? Not the media. Not the government – they have bigger fish to fry. Everyone’s scared. Too much is simply unknowable.

But, aware that we would release a 30-Day Business Challenge later in the spring anyway, I thought, “What better way to spread hope than to guide small business owners through a mind-blowing, confidence-building makeover?” So, with a basic outline in hand, I took on the challenge to provide the Challenge. (You see what I did there?)

Our Private Facebook Group quickly grew to 600 people. With three challenges a week, our challengers were faced with hard questions and tough work. And, wow, did they rise to the occasion! Within days, strangers quickly became a trusted business network. It was remarkable to see. 

During one of our last challenges, Julie, a life coach and 17hats member, commented in the chat, “You are my people.” Success! Not just a little, “yippee” success, but Rocky-Balboa-running-up-the-steps success! It was proof that we didn’t just spread hope – we changed the game. We created a network (and a mindset) that will not only allow the challengers to overcome COVID-19, but thrive at the other end of it all.

I have no doubt that the business owners that conquered the challenge will kick butt in 2021! They are ready to take on the world, when the world is ready to be taken on. Their mind is right, their processes are ready, and, more importantly, they have a hard-earned self-confidence. 

With the incredible success of the first Business Makeover Challenge, we have decided to launch a second challenge, The Business Makeover – Pricing for Profit. This new Challenge will be complimentary as well. It will start May 7 and run through the end of May. With two challenges a week, we will establish the foundation for a profitable business, and set up 17hats to deliver an experience that ensures profit. (Oh, and once again, we’re offering a 30-day free trial of 17hats for non-members who would like to participate.)

It’s not too late to join the ride! Sure, it will be tough, and you will most definitely be pushed outside your comfort zone. But, when you successfully complete the Challenge, you will be excited, confident, and ready to take on the world. 

So come join me, because I promise: While we will be talking a lot about pricing, you will leave with so much more. Confidence. Acceptance. A network of like-minded people. 

Come be a challenger. You have been challenged.


What members from our first 30-day Challenge are saying:

As a certified health and life coach, I sell the right program, the right support, and the right accountability – much like this 17hats 30-day Business Makeover Challenge! Amanda gave us ALL we needed and more to get us to where we wanted to go. She offered the support and accountability each of us needed to achieve our individual business goals. The best part? We were able to dive deeper into the 17hats CRM software and learn how to put what we were learning into action. My business, website, and logo got the upgrade and jump-start that it needed. I am forever grateful! I’d sign up for ANYTHING Amanda wants to teach! She is an extraordinary teacher – very relatable, helpful, hard-working, genuine, knowledgeable, and caring.   –  Julie Prager, Life Coach

This challenge was so much more than what I expected. It was intensive, real work, and built around accountability. Amanda Rae was there for us 100 percent, every day, during the 30 days. My biggest takeaway was from the first two challenges where we had to figure out our promise. I was able to refocus on my ideal client. From that point, every day I would sit down in front of the computer and actually do my homework. What touched me the most is the fact that all of that was done at no cost for 17hats members and non-members. I was so tired of being bombarded by emails and invitations for paid programs promising financial freedom. I am forever grateful for your generosity! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Daniella Monestime, Photographer


I’m the owner of The Wholesome Life. I empower mothers to rebuild their health. Before 17hats and the 30-day Challenge, I was looking for the right CRM for my small business. Also I was looking for a program that would teach me business from the ground up. I was not making enough to pay the mortgage, and my savings were getting critically low. I had subscribed to a business university, but it had only one focus and wasn’t helping me learn business practices and principles. The week before, I had signed up for a $17,000 business coaching program. After the 30-day Challenge, I canceled the expensive program that didn’t deliver what they promised. The 30-day Challenge was everything I was looking for. It provided an excellent CRM for what I needed, it challenged me to think through my skills and the product that I had, and package it in a format that the customer needed. It gave me the tools to understand business. The outcome? I paid my mortgage this month while doing all of the 30-day Challenge things and redesigning my business. In future months, I’m projecting that income will be four times what it has been in the past. Three new clients have found me in the three days since the challenge ended. Totally amazing! Thank you Amanda and 17hats for the 30-day Challenge.    Fred Davies, Life and Health Coach


The 30-day Challenge went above and beyond all expectations. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone from day one, but in the most comfortable, supported way. Each challenge, lesson, and meeting was purposeful and effective. My two main takeaways were: (1) What do I REALLY sell, and that is so much more than images or pictures, and (2) It is ok to be proud of yourself and be your own cheerleader. There are points on everyone’s business journey that launch their business in a positive direction, and this challenge was one of those! Such a positive push that was much needed.  Jody Autumn, Photographer