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Level Up Your Brand, Maximize Value, Skyrocket Revenue

Do you ever feel that your business is being drowned out by all the competition in your area?

The strength of your brand makes you irresistible to your clients. And, that is why we are excited to announce an incredible free webinar Level Up Your Brand, Maximize Value, and Skyrocket Revenue on Thursday, March 26th @ 10am Pacific Standard time/12pm Central. Register here to attend.

Here at 17hats, we not only want to help you systemize and streamline your processes, but we are sincerely invested in your growth as a entrepreneur and the success of your business. It is incredibly frustrating to have a great service and a beautiful product, but time and time again just crickets. No one seems to be interested. And, when they are interested, they tell you that you are too expensive! Unfortunately, when this happens over and over, we come up with all kinds of excuses that help us feel better about why people don’t seem to want what we are offering. We also make the grave mistake of competing on price instead of value.

This creates a domino effect diminishing your value and in turn, the desirability of you, what you offer, making much more difficult to dig yourself out of a hole! This happens daily for thousands of small business owners. In this free 17hats University webinar titled “Level Up Your Brand, Maximize Value, and Skyrocket Revenue” Joey will share with you some powerful thoughts and principles on how to get others to not only appreciate and recognize your value, but also get excited about spending money with you. From the psychology behind top brand strategies to the critical connections that you will need between your website, products and client experience. You will absolutely love this webinar. Sign up below, and we will see you there.

Update: Now that the webinar is over, catch the replay on our education platform, 17hats University.

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Twice a month we will bring inspiration and business advice small business owners need in order to level up their business through our free webinars. No matter if you are a photographer, wedding planner, small business coach or even a live chicken renter ( yes, that profession exists), we will help you push your business to success. Check out 17hats University for free monthly webinars.