What's The Deal With Basic 17hats Accounts?

By Adam Wood on Sep 12, 2016

You may have heard some rumblings about 17hats becoming free. If you’re already a subscriber, read on to see how this won’t really affect you but may answer some burning questions.

First off, if you’re reading this and you’re already a 17hats user -- THANK YOU. The last year and a half have been amazing! We’ve been able to help 17,000+ entrepreneurs build better businesses with 17hats, and to be frank; we really couldn’t have done it without your support.

Yeah, yeah. What’s up with this free account stuff?

Since we want to reduce as many barriers to running a successful business as possible, we decided to make 17hats free! Having the right software is now one less thing to worry about when it comes to starting or growing a business!

So, how is this different from my paid 17hats account?

Free accounts (called “Basic”) have access to most of the same award-winning features you have, including online payments, bookkeeping, invoicing, templates, automation, and more. But there are some big differences...


For the first 17 days, Basic account holders can test drive all the features you enjoy (do you feel the envy seeping in?), but once that preview ends, Basic accounts:

    1. Cannot have more than 3 active projects (everything beyond 3 gets archived)
    2. Can only process payments via Stripe (no Paypal, Square, or Authorize.net - ouch!)
    3. Pay 5.9% per transaction fee (compared to your low 2.9% fee)
    4. Cannot sync their bank accounts for bookkeeping 
    5. Cannot use ACH payments
    6. Have no access to Customer Support

Wait, so if there are transaction fees, then how is it "FREE"? This is preposterous! 

Whoa, there partner. Before you call us out, a couple things to keep in mind:

  • You can use all of 17hats and just not use online payments - there's no fee to accept checks or cash, after all. 
  • Processing fees are only collected when you get paid using online payments. The tiny, miniscule amount we process helps power 17hatsto be the strong platform you rely on. 
  • You can upgrade to our Unlimited Plan and not pay 17hats a fee at all ( but there's still a processing fee from your credit card processor...greedy grubbers)

Will my current plan stay locked in for life?

Yes, no matter what plan you signed up for, you will always be eligible to retain that plan at the price you paid when you signed up.

What happens to my yearly or bi-yearly account?

Though we will no longer offer new yearly or 2-year plans (or even 5- & 10-year plans!), you will be grandfathered into yours and can keep it at your locked in price.

Can I downgrade?

Uh...sure? But before you do, we strongly encourage you first look at our pricing comparison chart. Basic and Lite accounts have limitations that may dramatically affect how you operate your business.

If you’re a seasonal business or have fewer than 3 clients, our Basic account may be worth a look. You’ll pay a 5.9% transaction fee anytime you do business (and can only do so via Stripe), but there is no cost at all whatsoever to use the app.

If you are juggling more clients but not, as they say, “swimming in it,” take a look at our Lite plan which is now just $17 a month. You’ll be able to work with 15 active client projects a month, but like our Basic account, you’ll also pay a higher transaction fee (4.9%) and be limited to Stripe for payment processing. Hey, it may make sense for your business.

Will I be able to go back to a yearly or 2-year plans if I downgrade?

No! Strongly consider this before deciding if downgrading to a lesser plan is right for you. Because you're an early adopter of 17hats, we locked in your guaranteed pricing for life on those plans and you're grandfathered in. However, we are discontinuing NEW yearly OR 2-year plans only. If you have a yearly or 2-year plan, you can stay on it with locked in pricing for life whenever it comes time to renew.

Ultimately, if you use all the functionality of 17hats and like the flexibility in billing options, access to every feature, customer support, and  lower fees, your existing plan is a far better deal than downgrading. Just sayin’.



Adam Wood

Adam Wood

Adam is 17hats' Editorial Manager and copywriter. He's written on the web and mobile for Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, as well as the Centers for Disease Control, SideReel, AllMusic, LivingSocial, and more. Adam's award-winning work has also appeared on AMC Television, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, PaperMag.com, SOMA magazine, MTVu, PopMatters, the Machinima International Film Festival, CBS.com, and the Louisiana Film Festival.