Social Media is Your Market Research Secret Weapon

Ready to dip your toe into the research pool? Many new entrepreneurs hesitate to make the jump from idea to execution because they don’t know if their product or idea will resonate with the market, but that’s where social media comes in. It’s free, convenient, and best of all -- you get instant feedback!

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Grow Your Business's Instagram with These Picture Perfect Techniques

By Gigi Steinbarth on Mar 25, 2016 in How-Tos, Social Media

We're wrapping up this month's posts about how to grow your social media, and we've saved the most visually interesting medium for last. Not so sure what to do with your business's Instagram account? Wonder no longer.

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Growing Your Twitter is as Easy as One, Two, Tweet

By Gigi Steinbarth on Mar 18, 2016 in How-Tos, Social Media

These days, Twitter may seem like the black sheep of the social media family, but it can serve a very profound purpose for your business -- if you use it correctly. 

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Three Ways You Can Grow Your Facebook (and Sales) Right Now

By Gigi Steinbarth on Mar 09, 2016 in How-Tos, Growth, Social Media

Facebook has become ubiquitous when it comes to branding and marketing for entrepreneurs worldwide. It's easy to use, but have you done all you can to grow it effectively? With a little time and attention to detail, you'll see more engagement, more sales, and more followers interested in what you're doing.

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Stick to Your Social Media Resolutions for 2016

By Gigi Steinbarth on Jan 22, 2016 in How-Tos, Social Media

As January comes to a close, you’ve no doubt neglected a few of your resolutions, but don’t let your brand’s social media strategy be one of them!

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