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What Kind of Entrepreneur Do You Want to Be?

Entrepreneur: a person who takes incredible risks, endures “trial by fire” experiences, and works extremely odd hours to see their idea make an impact and a profit. This probably isn’t the most “technical” definition of the word entrepreneur, but if you ask any entrepreneur about their journey, this is probably the most accurate definition.

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Tackling the Unknown: How New Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Uncertainty

By Justin Housman on Apr 15, 2016 in Freelancer Files, Q&A

Sometimes the greatest business success stories don't develop by following the rules. Here's how one Honolulu-based creative upstart made the jump from company men into the great unknown of entrepreneurship with a fateful mix of tenacity, confidence, and Mad Men.

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5 Strategies to Break Through Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt

By Jill Kipnis on Apr 12, 2016 in Freelancer Files, How-Tos, Business

The perks of being your own boss are countless. You make your own hours, you can say yes or no to a new project, and you call the shots on all of your business expenses. As great as working for yourself can be, there’s a less talked about down side to all of this freedom—self-doubt and loneliness. Here's how you can prevent entrepreneurship from bringing you down.

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Growing Your Business the Organic Way: One New Entrepreneur's Take

By Justin Housman on Mar 11, 2016 in Freelancer Files, Q&A, Growth

For Kelly Fayer, commercial photography producer, clients are harvested from personal connections not fancy tricks.

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Love in a Time of Freelancing

What do you need to make a marriage work when one spouse works from home and one works in an office? A plan.

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How to Build a Better Website For Your Small Business

Last year, the Score Association, a Virginia nonprofit comprised of small business counselors, released a study showing only 51% of small businesses have websites.

Within those that did, 80% didn’t use social media, 70% had no calls to action, 93% weren’t optimized for a mobile device, and a staggering 27% didn’t even list ways to get in touch with the business. Here’s how to avoid being one of these statistics.

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Three Easy Ways to Make Working at Home Work For You

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you’re likely deeply entwined in the love/hate relationship with your home office. It’s where we spend most of our time doing what we do, but that doesn't mean it needs to feel like the stuffy cubicles we fled. With the right tools and attitude, working at home can go from lonely, uncomfortable, and unhealthy to amazing.

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