NEW! Trigger Workflows Automatically Via Lead Capture

By Donovan Janus on Jan 25, 2017 in 17hats News, Growth
Trigger workflows automatically via lead capture

Here comes another super exciting update! In our never-ending quest to help you build a better business, we always look for ways to make running things more efficient and headaches less existent when it comes to new client onboarding, and our latest feature release does both!

Now whenever new leads come in via lead capture, you can customize your workflows to kick in automatically! We’ve been waiting to show this off, and we’re really excited we can roll this out:

unnamed.pngWhat Does it Do?

  • Automatically assigns a specified workflow whenever a new lead comes in
  • Immediately kicks off your project process, be it a welcome email, a questionnaire, or anything else you've set up for new clients
  • Add tags that will get assigned to your contact or the project

How Does This Help Me Build a Better Business?

  • Waste zero time turning new leads into paying clients
  • Exert no effort to get your project process kicked off
  • Nurture leads immediately and automatically before they head to competitors

All this means more clients, of course. We know, it’s really awesome!

Get started with this new feature now!

Join a free webinar Thursday, January 26th to see a live demo of this feature in action!

Donovan Janus

Donovan Janus

CEO & Founder - 17hats
World traveler, pilot, motorcyclist, and entrepreneur. Coming from a long line of business owners, Donovan had his first paper route at age 9, and officially started his first company the day he turned 18. He managed the Netherlands' largest small business website, and has been helping business owners become more successful for nearly 20 years, all while cooly maintaining a domineering streak as undisputed foosball king of 17hats.

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