Multi-User Support is Coming! Along With Tons of Other Goodies...

By Adam Wood on Jan 31, 2017 in 17hats News
17hats introduces Multi-User Support

Our team has been working double-time to push out some great 17hats features and updates you’ve been asking about. Multi-User support anyone? This is going to be HUGE for your business in 2017 and beyond.

Also—Get ready to meet your new Documents dashboard, get to know the changes in manual payments, and find out more about tons of other great stuff we’ve added!

There’s a lot of awesome in this latest update, so hang with me here.

1. Multi-User Support in 17hats is Coming!

We’re sending a love letter to your business this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, with the release of the oft-requested Multi-User functionality. We’ve been working hard to make sure you have all the tools you need to build a successful business, and this one will help take you to the next level, no doubt.

With Multi-User in 17hats you can:

  • Manage Project permissions so your employees can only access info you allow
  • Grant permission to many features, including bookkeeping, calendar, invoices, quotes, contracts, emails, and much more.
  • Assign to-do’s as part of a workflow to your team members or freelancers
  • Your permissions are active and in-use on our mobile apps, too!

Multi-User support is all about giving you the flexibility and power to manage not just your business, but all your employees, too.

Get excited—Multi-User will go active in your account on February 14th!

2. Meet Your Documents

Another big one, folks. We know that part of running (and growing) a successful business means keeping tabs on more than just the day-to-day when it comes to your invoices and proposals, it also means getting a big picture at-a-glance and noticing trends that can help you forecast the future. We’re happy to help you do both with our redesigned Documents dashboard which allows you to get a quick status of what’s happening at all times with your business and gives you the ability to dive deep into details when you need them!

17hats Documents Dashboard

What does it do:

  • Quickly view important details for invoices, quotes, contracts, and questionnaires
  • View all of your outstanding and past documents in one place
  • Documents are no longer just relegated to the project to which they’re assigned!

Learn more >

3. Send Receipts for Manual Payments

Sometimes you can’t automate everything, especially when your clients prefer to pay you the old-fashioned way. That’s okay because at 17hats we’re all about giving you f-l-e-x-i-b-i-l-i-t-y to run your business the ways in which it’s convenient for you.

What does it do?

  • Lets you send receipts notifying clients when manual payments are applied
  • Allows you to easily resend a receipt for those especially forgetful clients 

We’re Not Done Yet!

Don't miss out the loads of other enhancements we’ve made to 17hats in the last month.

“Send Receipt” Button 

  • We didn’t have these on our invoices, but now we do. Should make your life slightly easier and your workflows that much more efficient

Invoice Sorting

  • You could sort lots of other things in 17hats but not invoice line items. We went ahead and fixed that. Big thanks to our user Lisa Sandler who requested this and the boss man, himself, Donovan Janus, for jumping in to make this change almost in real-time!

Phone Number Field Masking

  • Whenever someone types a phone number in your lead capture form all janky like 5555555555 the system will auto-format it to (555)-555-5555. You know, so that it’s actually readable and easy for you to dial.

Removal of Emails From Overview Page

  • This was a request we have received several times. It was also something that was slowing down your Overview page load time. Some of you have been very excited about this. Others have wondered where your emails have gone. Not to worry—Visit Account Settings →  Email Settings, and you can change adjust your settings to display the emails once again.

Shout Out to the ICYMI's

As in In Case You Missed It. We did a lot of other stuff to make 17hats great for you in the past few months. Are you regularly reading this blog to stay up to date on 17hats (odds are, probably not, but you can subscribe over there →)? Don’t fret, here are a few recent updates:

  • Previous improvement you might have missed: Email Signatures
    Make sure to check out email signatures if you haven’t already. It’s easy to set up by visiting the Email Settings screen of your account. This is a great way to personalize and professionalize your client communications. Also helpful for multiple brands you may be running.
  • Previous improvement you might have missed: Quoted Emails
    Ever written a reply email and wondered what you’re even replying to because you can’t see the original message? Yeeeeahhh....It wasn’t a great experience so we asked ourselves why we were doing that and we changed it, so it’s not how it works anymore. Progress.
  • Previous improvement you might have missed: Multi-Accounts
    Some photographers like to shoot kids’ portraits, while some of those same people also like to shoot boudoir. The wise photographer wants to split those services into separate brands so they can remain in business. Easily applies to any business type out there!
  • Previous improvement you might have missed: Adding Lead Capture Forms (Customization Settings) Your lead capture forms can be even more beautiful. Customize colors in the lead capture form builder and drop anywhere on your site for a look and feel only you could imagine. 
  • Previous improvement you might have missed: Now Accepting Square
    Don’t forget you can now get paid through 17hats via Square. Newly released, all of plans (Basic, Lite, Unlimited) now allow you to use Square with no extra transaction fees from us because fees suck.

Read all about our awesome integration over at Square's blog!

WOW. That was a lot, right?


We’ve been very, very busy crafting the tools and resources you need to build a better business. Excited about any (or all) of these enhancements in particular? Hit us up on social media and tell us! We’d love to spread the story of how you build a better business with 17hats!

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