Give Your Brain a Break: Enable Multi-Accounts in 17hats

By Adam Wood on Nov 17, 2016 in 17hats News, App
Multi-Accounts in 17hats is Here!

Tired of juggling multiple logins for all your 17hats accounts? This highly-requested features allows you to bring all your accounts together under one master login. Pretty sweet.

What is the Multi-Accounts feature?

Say you’re just crushing it and you have a bunch of different businesses running on various 17hats accounts. Well, now you (the account owner or admin) can add an unlimited amount of those accounts to one master login as long as you have an Unlimited Plan (or a yearly/bi-yearly plan).

No Unlimited Plan? No problem. Upgrade today for a smidge over $1/day.


How does Multi-Accounts help me?

Besides no longer needing to remember all those annoying passwords, multi-accounts will allow you to toggle between your various businesses with ease quickly. Need to check your schedule here or invoices there? Now you can do so with just a click.

What else?

If we're quite honest, besides saving you a bunch of time, multi-accounts really lays the essential foundation we need to roll out multi-user & multi-brand support to you (you know it, you love it, you request it every 5 seconds). We’re working hard as ever to bring it to you soon, and this is a giant next step to get us there.

Where do I find Multi-Accounts?

Log in to your account

Then mosey over to Account Settings > My Profile (This is where you can link your existing accounts)

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.59.18 PM.png

Or, you may see it in the new navigation bar:

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.59.28 PM.png

Either way, Multi-Accounts is ready for you to get started with today!

Adam Wood

Adam Wood

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