How 17hats Ally is Helping to Transform Businesses Across the Country

By Adam Wood on Aug 31, 2016 in 17hats News

17hats Ally may be our most recent product, but our commitment to helping entrepreneurs build better businesses isn’t new. Learn how thanks to the Ally team and 17hats, small business owners are taking their operations to the next level and getting the help they need to succeed.

When you first start a business, you may never think twice about going it alone. 

You’re good at what you do, after all.

But whether you started taking photos on a whim and realized people would actually pay you or your love of cooking blossomed into a full-blown catering business, the reasons you’re self-employed likely have less to do with a love for business practices and more to do with your passion.  

The truth is, too many small business owners struggle with the actual business side of things, and according to Small Business Administration, about 1/3rd of new businesses will fail within the first two years. Overall, only 50% of small businesses survive in total.

Sure, it’s easy to be discouraged by those numbers, but not when you consider the fact that you probably didn’t start your business because you’re excited about and well-versed in bookkeeping or invoicing. So, how do you ensure success without sacrificing what you love? How do you get the help you need without shelling over tons of cash, time, and resources to hire and train empoyees (who probably don't care about your business as much as you do!) ?

Enter 17hats Ally, your Personal Business Management Team.


Having worked with 100 businesses since our launch of Ally last month, we’ve learned quite a bit about what real business owners are struggling with and how much our team has been able to help.

Whether it’s just freeing up time from endless admin like emails and client calls or helping to drive more sales with ultra responsive communications or even handle all your tricky bookkeeping, your 3-person Ally team can help transform your business, too!

What has been one of your favorite parts of working with your clients on 17hats Ally?

Chelsea, Ally Client Assistant

“The best part of being on the 17hats Ally team is actually making a difference in someone’s day to day life. My dad owned his own sports photography business for several years--a business that I helped with. 17hats Ally would have made a huge difference to us and our business, so I recognize the difference it can make for so many small businesses out there. Being a part of a team that truly wants to help is amazing. By improving their businesses, we are improving their lives.”

Lauren, Ally Account Manager

“My favorite part of working with 17hats Ally is that I get to see people do what they are passionate about, and I get to help them with becoming not only a success in their business but a success in their personal life, by giving them that much needed time and space to create amazing moments for their clients, their families, and themselves.”

What's been an early "big win" you've accomplished for an Ally user?

Miji, Ally Account Manager

“Doubling [Ally client] Tracy B’s revenue for August of 2016 in comparison to the previous year on the 5th day of the month. Also, Tracy is currently on maternity leave and has literally walked away from her business while we've been continuing to book gigs for her.”

Jeff_Haynes2.jpg                                                                                     Jeff, Ally Bookkeeper

"Most of our account owners have struggled with bookkeeping. To give them an accurate accounting of their business is fulfilling. One business owner had sales tax set up as an expense. Moving it correctly to a liability showed she was actually over $14,000.00 more profitable then she thought."

In what ways has your help truly transformed an Ally user’s business?

Inger, Ally Client Assistant

“By giving them back time. We capture leads over the phone and send out follow-up information for the Ally users. We usually do everything on our, own but when we notice big potential we sometimes pull the account owner into the follow-up activity so that they are aware big players are approaching them and to give them an opportunity to decide if they want to alter the system we have in place at all. It really helps them drive a lot more business with very little of their effort.”

Have you had an “Ah-ha!” moment with an Ally user yet?

Alexa, Ally Account Manager

“Definitely. Helping a new account owner see the depth in which he could automate his workflows. Getting feedback that he was able to spend more time with his new baby and focusing on building his business. It really made me feel like what we are doing is quite amazing.”

You’ve heard from the team, but what about the business owners actually using 17hats Ally? How has it made a difference for them?

"Previously I was staying busy handling various inquiries and completing jobs. I didn't have much time to do any new marketing or a number of other projects I wanted to accomplish to build my brands. Thanks to your help I was able to launch a new ad campaign for my photo booth and booked quite a few jobs quickly, thanks in no small part to all your follow-up’s!” - Randy D, Photographer

"Called my Account Manager in the morning - I was giving a big presentation and wanted to blow my potential clients away by sending out a few quotes for the services discussed by 1:10 pm (the end of my pitch). I gave the details to my account manager over the phone, the quotes were drafted and sent out at 1:09 pm :)" - Lacey J, Author, Marketing & Business Consultant

"You have no idea how happy I am right now! Thank you!" Angie D, Photographer

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Adam Wood

Adam Wood

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